About the Cline Shale

The Cline Shale (also known as the Lower Wolfcamp) lies over a very large area on the eastern shelf of the Permian Basin. The “Cline” is a localized name for the Pennsylvanian aged shale that some recognize as the D bench of the Permian aged Wolfcamp. Starting at the Wolfcamp A bench down to the bottom, Wolfcamp C bench, the rock has less carbonates. However, the underlying shale is interbedded with sand and silt, indicative of its depositional environment. The Cline source rock lies on a broad flat shelf, with very little relief. Total Organic Content (TOC), porosity, permeability, and OOIP are all fairly comparable in both the Wolfcamp and the Cline. Even though the Wolfcamp is thicker, which can be a driver for production in shale plays, it is the pressure and thermal maturity of the Cline that set it apart.

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